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One Oxybreath Pro Mask writes that she wears the mask when cycling against smog or seasonal allergies and so far she can only report positive things about it. Even in the pouring rain she has already been wearing it and nothing of the rain has got through. Especially during rain showers, fine dust and other gases often hang heavily in the air and she often breathes them in. This made her feel nauseous. She usually likes to smell the rain when everything is nice and wet and especially in summer she enjoys showers very much. But the exhaust fumes in the air always made it difficult for her to breathe. With her mask she can now enjoy the rain, but still the mask is not recommended for midsummer, when she starts to sweat for every little thing. For the winter the mask is very suitable, because it keeps her warm.Click Here https://oxybreathpromask.org/oxybreath-pro-mask-bewertungen-deutschland/






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