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oat milk benefits and side effects Benefits of oat milk got an OT flavor to it yeah that's not bad that's pretty good for a float it definitely unsweetened in a good way yeah I'd be happy to that that's tasty and last but not least the innocent unsweetened oat give it a shake now this one actually had one the least amount of fats in it and no protein I'll be interesting to see what this is like again it has not been fortified with anything also the smallest bottle this is only comes in 750ml bottles but there are rest all in liter bottles I have high hopes for the innocent one it's usually a good manufacturer and what they produce is quite ni  Benefits of oat milk ce so hopefully especially for the money this is one of the most expensive ones that'll taste quite nice oh wow that that's pretty disgusting oh there's ovary sweet Oh that doesn't even taste out that doesn't taste like oats at all oh that's nasty yes or that reminds me of the th oat milk benefits and side effects e old days of soya milk where you would physically cringe drinking the stuff oh wow that's just has got some sweetener or something in it oh this is only made of three ingredients but spring water oats and sea salt really is this I'm thinking is the sea salt really 




















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