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Cosmetics packaging prospects for the development of good, cosmetic Cream Jar(KEXON) is still irreplaceable advantages.

In general, the texture of cosmetics is divided into solid, granular (powder), liquid and emulsion, paste and so on, so that the shape of the bottle packaging in cosmetics packaging applications more widely. At the same time, cosmetics themselves do not have a distinctive appearance, it must be exquisite and unique packaging design, to be able to show its own characteristics.

The sealing of the Cream Jar packing is better, and it can block the influence of oxygen on these cosmetics.

Cosmetics consumption is getting higher and higher, cosmetics Cream Jar as one of the main containers for cosmetics packaging, will also develop a huge market.

Cream Jars can reduce carbon emissions, not only a kind of environmental protection container, and container contents can not degenerate, no deformation, no penetration, light transmission. It's a perfect material container that doesn't respond to any ingredient, and as demand for high-performance cosmetics continues to increase, the demand for cosmetic glass bottles will also increase.

People are more and more easy to accept new things and products, cosmetics bottles should also do with the times, break the routine, the traditional way of thinking, innovation, in order to better access to the consumer's welcome.

Cosmetics is the need to through the exquisite, unique packaging design, in order to show its own characteristics, rely on good packaging, in order to achieve good sales.

Cream Jars with good sealing, barrier, it can better preserve the content. Cream Jars are ideal packaging for cosmetics.

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