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Keto VIP eat with the it's setup buffet style and it starts out with the non starchy uncooked raw vegetables and fruit and weight your age and your height and it gives you an average number for those statistics so that's what some questions this past week about how many calories do you eat a day I have no idea because I have never sat down to figure that out so I don't know I just I after years of yo-yo dieting almost four decades of yo-yo dieting I am so happy that I don't have to count points calories carbohydrates you know food I don't know I don't have to go looking for two point Kashi bars and then they changed them to three point Kashi cars and I was so upset when Weight Watchers changed the points on the Kashi bars because that was my thing yeah so I'm so happy that I don't have to do that no point don't I and I don't want to start making them an issue for myself so I may one day plug everything in just so I can tell somebody when they ask but it also it varies a little bit from day to day some days I'm hungrier than other days 




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