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Those who take medication on a daily basis will definitely have a number of plastic pill bottles. These bottles are available in different sizes, shapes, and capacities. However, you do not need to throw them away when their primary use is over. These Cream Jar(KEXON) can be used on a regular basis for a number of purposes. So, if you are completely at a loss about how to use these pill bottles, here are some interesting ideas.

One of the primary uses of medicine bottles is their use in storing medicine. If you are traveling and you need to carry your medicine in the form of pills or tablets, you can easily carry it in these jars. The jars will keep all your medicine securely sealed so that medicine will not come in contact with outside air and temperature. Thus, the medicine will not be spoilt and remain totally effective.

Storing Lotions and Oils: So, you are on a short-trip or you wish to visit someone during the weekend and you do not wish to carry your large can of serum, oil, cream or lotion. How do you manage? It is important that you carry all products in the right quantity and perfectly. You also need to consider portability factors. In such a situation, jars are perfect because they are portable, they are airtight and offer complete value. There are many benefits of using pill jars for storing lotions and oils: They are air-tight; they are portable and can be carried easily. They will not cause leakage once you fix their cap tightly on. They will keep the cream or lotion in great condition for a long time.

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