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To do our cosmetics packaging materials, not alone to aftermath products, but aswell to transport, this busline is aswell a acute link. Recently, barter accept asked me how to break the arising botheration of capital Cream Jar(KEXON) in transit, Dalica Just acquaint anybody about the acquaintance of a acceptable partner.

Transportation is a almost important allotment of corrective packaging materials, and the a lot of annoying affair in busline is the accident of packaging and the arising of products. Seriously, it may be absurd to accomplish a fortune.

Essential oil cosmetics is a accepted type. Regarding its anti-leakage problem, with our abounding years of experience, the benefactor can accept from two aspects:

One: packaging during transportation: essential oil bottle + non-porous inner plug. This is the a lot of basal careful measure. In addition, it is best to blanket the alien allotment of the canteen with cream to anticipate accident to the bottle.

Second: artefact configuration: In accession to the aboriginal point, you can configure a set of dribble plugs according to user habits, so as to anticipate arising and user convenience, and the aftereffect is absolutely remarkable.

Well, it is not a complicated amount to say. The acceptable accomplice packaging actuality is just a little ability based on the acquaintance of abounding years of corrective packaging materials. If you accept any acceptable suggestions, don't anticipate them from discussing them together.

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