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The folding machine manufacturer teaches you a few simple selection guidelines:

1. According to the folding requirements, select the model of the folding machine. When choosing a folding machine, we need to understand the quality of the paper used for folding, such as size, thickness, weight, and some requirements for folding. Then, when choosing the appropriate type of folding machine, the currently used folding equipment mainly includes knife, fence and grid knife hybrid folding machines. Due to their different mechanisms and technical performance, the scope of use is also different.

2. Look at the brand. Different manufacturers' brands, quality, grades, etc. are different, and each has its own characteristics. We can ask more and listen to the introduction of relevant professionals when choosing. Then choose the brand according to the financial situation and own requirements.

3. Look at the service. After the folding machine is used for a long time, the related hardware components must be repaired and maintained. So in order to make unnecessary trouble after purchase, it is better to go to learn more about the after-sales service of each brand in advance.


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