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Benefits of Drinking Oat Milk like an and I was like it's not okay but I feel like it's a great milk for people who aren't used to play up face milks cuz it's super clean Ian thank ya it was the first milk that I started using after I went vegan and there's one brand and I was like oh that might be good and it was so freakin good I think it was the specific one yeah I don't know if you know this but we were how to meet up one time and we've done me like old stories like back in the day wh Benefits of Drinking Oat Milk  you had a whole box of cereal with you I don't even like cereal no but I feel like your friend was like really excited about this again and you were telling me about oat milk and you're like if you like oatmeal you would love Oh milk and I went and bought it that day because I was trying to get everyone to drink the sauce and we're gonna do this blind because that's our favorite way to do taste test yeah way there's no bias and 




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